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Selected Guest Lectures

Enamel Society Conference. Arrowmont School of Craft. Presentation ‘Getting the Color You Want’.

     Additional breakout lecture ‘Picturing the Personal World.’

Pacific Northwest College of Art. Portland, OR. Presentation ‘Valley & Shadow: Another Life’. 2016.

Yuma Art Symposium. Yuma, AZ. Presentation, ‘Constructing Narrative’. 2016.

East Carolina University Symposium ‘Material Topics: In Flux’. Greenville, NC. Keynote address. 2016.

Museum of Contemporary Craft. Portland, OR. Presentation ‘Batiks of Java’. 2013.

Enamelist Society Conference. Keynote address ‘Mysterious Lives of Makers’ and workshop      presentation ‘Masks and Meaning’.  Arrowmont School, TN. 2011.

Enamelist Society Conference. Oakland, CA. Lecture. 2009

SNAG Conference. Portland, OR. 1994.

Lecture. Art Resources. Osaka, Japan. 1987.

Northwest Designer/Craftsmen. Seattle, WA. 1987.

Program in Artisanry. Boston University. Boston, MA. 1985.

National Enamel Symposium. Summervail. Minturn, CO. 1982, 1983.

Renwick Gallery. Smithsonian Institution. Washington D.C. 1983

Cal State University, Metals Department.  Sacramento, CA. 1982.

Northwest Enamel Symposium. Seattle, WA. 1982.

SNAG Conference. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. 1981.


From 1981 until 2005, I traveled extensively in mainland and island SE Asia, spending many months a year in Indonesia. Throughout Indonesia, Asia, as well as Turkey and Eastern Europe, I searched out makers of all kinds, expanding my knowledge of cultures as they expressed it through materials and techniques. I cannot overestimate the valuable experience of learning from these makers, and those lessons have immeasurably enriched my own making and meaning.

Resume, p. 2